Litter 14 by Ch Khalibadh Snögubbe x Khalibadh Solstorm (2CC)

4+2  Born 2007-02-03




Khalibadh Stormvirvel, Viggo, the very first time shown in juniorclass


Tuula with owner Nanna and (to the right judge Cathy Brown, Bluestreak) wins BOS babypuppies in Finland

Khalibadh Stormfågel, Birdie, 12 weeks old

Khalibadh Stormklocka, Tuula, 10 weeks old


Khalibadh Stormfågel, Birdie, and Khalibadh Stormklocka, Tuula, 9 weeks old


Khalibadh Stormvirvel, 7 weeks, owner: Eva Jonasson, Karlskrona


Khalibadh Stormvarning, 7 weeks, owner: Maria and Olivia Brisvall, Växjö


Khalibadh Stormby, 7 weeks, owner : Ingela Ormarker, Varberg


Khalibadh Stormhatt, 7 weeks, owner: Jeanette Pettersson, Rottne


Khalibadh Stormfågel, 7 weeks, owner: Breeder


Khalibadh Stormklocka, 7 weeks, owner: Nanna Tikkanen, Finland

The puppies are 4 weeks old

The puppies 4 days old

Newborn puppies!

S U CH Khalibadh Snögubbe


Khalibadh Solstorm "Spider", 2 CC:s


f 070203


S U Ch Khalibadh Snögubbe

(2 Cacibs)


Multi Ch Suna Regens Blossoms Keyzer Int Nord NL DK Ch Play Mec du Manoir de la Grenouillere
Int Nord Fin Ch NV-01 Nord V-02 Ronndal Oozing Style
 Int & Nord Ch Khalibadh Regnstorm USA Ch Starline´s Reign On
Int Nord Ch Khalibadh Eldstorm
Khalibadh Solstorm

2 CC:s


Am Ch Starline's Reign On Am Ch Hamrya's Lucky Charm
Am Ch Ringmaster's Gold Fever
Khalibadh Frostfjäril


Int Nord Est Ch Bohem Flight Time
Int Nord Ch Khalibadh Eldstorm